Wedding Planning Bonanza As Couples Prepare For The Luckiest Day Of The Year

Planning a wedding has always been fraught with anxieties and concerns that everything should go just right on the Big Day. And because it’s such an enormous task to fine tune all the little details that go into making a perfect wedding ceremony and reception, many couples employ the services of wedding planners to help them deal with the enormous range of tasks to be managed.

Of course, weddings have always been associated with luck: luck for the perfect day, luck for a happy life with your partner and family, luck for a prosperous future. There’s a whole bunch of superstitions and customs connected with the way a wedding is BONANZAJP organized, particularly with regard to the bride.

Many people believe it’s unlucky for the groom to see his bride-to-be in her wedding dress before the actual ceremony. The tradition of the bride wearing “something borrowed, something blue …” is related to the wish for good fortune in the years ahead. And in England (where the weather is, shall we say, unpredictable) there’s a saying that a ‘blue’ bride (meaning a cold one!) is a lucky bride.

In every society, there’s a wealth of old wives’ tales and folklore connected with the ritual of getting married. And now engaged couples with an interest in numerology are looking at July 7th 2007 as a particularly auspicious date on which to tie the knot – and for the simple reason of the date itself.

What’s more, it’s a Saturday. 7-7-07 promises to be big business for wedding planners and all kinds of companies offering wedding services, with its once-in-a-lifetime coincidence of lucky numbers which also happen to make for a memorable anniversary date. So much so that many reception venues, DJs, photographers and other providers are already heavily booked.

It’s likely that we’ll see lots more events aiming for a July 7th celebration in the weeks leading up to the big day itself. As hopeful wedding couples plight their troth, we can also look forward to the Live Earth 24 hour concert planned for that day, bringing together many top music performers as part of the campaign to combat global climate change.

‘Better an ounce of luck than a pound of gold’, goes the saying. Who knows whether getting married on July 7th 2007 will really make a difference? But the appeal of the date itself is more than enough to persuade eager couples to believe that their luck really is in the air.