Take Care of Your Camera Lens

One of the digital camera accessories often ignored by users is the lens. The lens is supposed to be a very important component of a camera yet it is sometimes not well taken care of.

Capturing your favorite subjects on camera would not be possible without the lens. For this reason alone, you should already know its importance and the fact that you’re responsible for ensuring that it stays in good condition all the time.

Sometimes, people can just leave their digital cameras exposed to various elements especially when shooting outdoors. For instance, they may unknowingly expose the camera lens to direct sunlight as well as dust and dirt. Some camera owners forget to put the lens cap back after taking photos thereby letting dust and dirt or can leave their camera with the lens pointing upwards exposing it to sunlight to get into the lens. Or it could be that you leave your camera with no lens cap on the backseat of your car but unaware that sunlight can still creep in.

These situations should, however, be avoided if you want to have your photographic equipment with you for a long time. Direct sunlight alone can already be damaging to your camera. But know as well that the intense heat can affect your equipment.

If you still don’t know much about your digital camera and its important accessories, the equipment has lubricants inside that serve a vital purpose which is to help the camera function well during use. You should know, however, that extreme heat can melt the lubricants which could then adversely the proper functioning of your camera.

The good news is that you need not worry about this. There are steps you can take to protect your camera lens moving forward.

The bag is a very important consideration. If you live in a tropical region or you often take photos under the sun, make sure that you store your camera in an insulated bag. If you find this an expensive option, using an insulated cooler can help.

In case you’re using your camera at the beach canon mirrorless lenses cheap or in a place where it’s too hot, you can also bring an extra towel or other fabric to use as a wrap for your camera. This is possible if you forgot to bring your camera case. But remember to use only a light colored towel or fabric for this purpose.

It’s also important to keep in mind that when you’re taking photos in a hot environment or under the sun, don’t stay too long there. Make sure to go back to a shaded area immediately after shooting or you can bring along a towel or the camera case itself so that you can cover the equipment right after use.

Finally, never forget to clean your camera lens on a regular basis to remove dust and dirt as well as drops of water especially after a photo shoot at the beach or pool. Taking care of the lens will ensure that you capture your favorite images as clearly as possible.


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