Sell That Car Quickly!

Poor economic conditions affect us all, from the wealthy to the sell my car for cash today barely getting by. Truth is many are just getting by and looking to reduce expenditures is front and center of our thoughts. So looking at reducing costs on large items, those that have a monthly reoccurring cost jump out at us and one of those can be an extra automobile. So if you need to sell your car and potentially sell your car fast how can you go about doing this?
The first thing to remember is that during an economic downturn it’s a buyer’s market, so you will need to be creative in thought to move it quickly. Do you know someone that needs a car? Can you possibly maintain the deed of ownership and have them make the monthly payments? This will get you out from under the payments and can also help out a friend. Not a bad solution and something that can happen very quickly.
Consider what you owe versus the cars value, if you are upside down then it’s going to be even more difficult to get out from underneath it. If you have some wiggle room where you owe less than the value than you can consider pricing to the point of enticing buyers solely based on the price. 
Marketing the car may provide you with a few challenges, especially if you are unfamiliar with either selling or marketing.  You want to consider the greatest exposure for the lowest out of pocket expense. Think Craigslist, this will give you a broad online audience that is available immediately and for little to no cost. Also consider places like cars.com, autotrader.com and Edmunds.com. They may add cost of marketing, but will give you a much broader reach.
Don’t rule out a few older standby options such as newspaper ads and even parking your car on the side of the road with a for sell sign.
The more options you use to sell your car the more successful you will be, ask friends and family how best they have marketed their car. This will provide you some additional ideas and may assist you in selling your car even quicker.


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