Migraine Headache Medicine – Are There Side-Effects?

Migraine is a serious health condition from which thousands of people all over the world suffer. Migraines are painful recurring headaches, accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, aura and visual disturbances. Migraine headache medicine can be prescribed to patients to heal or prevent the symptoms; depending on the severity of the problem they can be either migraine abortive medication or analgesics.

Migraine abortive medicines, also known as triptans, are used to manage moderate headaches; they do not relieve the pain itself as the analgesics but they counteract misoprostol precio en bolivia the causes of headache, mostly the dilation of arteries. This medication doesn’t come without side effects though.

The most commonly known side effects of migraine abortive medicines include facial flushing, a sense of choking, tightness around the chest and chicks. Fatigue and drowsiness, or thirst are also associated with migraine headache medicine, although these side effects are relatively short lived and, therefore not that serious.

The most serious effects of migraine medicine is heart attack; it may sound weird and funny, but triptans – the abortive medication – can cause heart attacks or even strokes while trying to deal with the sudden dilation of the arteries. People who have an overall good health and do not deal with heart related issues, triptans do not cause any problems.

However, people who suffer from carotid or other coronary diseases might experience a heart attack while the medication narrows the arteries. The flow of blood is prevented and the patient might get a stroke. This is why professionals and experts suggest that triptans should not be given to people with history in heart problems.

Mild pain relievers such as non steroidal drugs and ibuprofen or aspirin is recommended to people who have heart issues; although these drugs can relief the symptoms of mild or moderate migraine, they are safe and very affordable.


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