The role of social bookmarking can never be overemphasized for your online business. As a result of this, improving the ranking of your Facebook page by getting more friends or fans is ideal so that your website’s ranking will be improved. Getting more friends is not a child’s play since you cannot be sending friend requests indiscriminately which can lead to the termination of your account. But there are strategies you can use in this regard which will not attract any punishment for you.

One way of getting more Facebook friends is to create a fan page and integrate comment feature on your website and blog. In fact, you can integrate automatic share feature on your blog so that anytime you publish an article, it will be shared to your friends. This can lead your friends or fans to share the article with their own friends thereby increasing the number of your friends or facebook friend filter fans.

Furthermore, you can join relevant lively groups and contribute regularly to discussions. Your contribution should be of high standard and not be voluminous. If you can create an expert status for yourself, a lot of people will want to be your friend. Another way of getting more friends is to run a contest or conference. If you will be running a contest, choose your prices wisely and let the basis for winning be transparent. If you are running a conference, choose burning issues that many people will be eager to drop contributions on.

In addition, by presenting yourself as someone worthy of knowing, you will discover that a lot of friend requests will be pouring in for you. Do not portray yourself as somebody who wants to sell stuffs but as someone who has something to offer the social community. If you have email or ezine subscribers, invite them to be your friends and the number will keep on increasing.

Also, you can place Facebook ads to get more friends. The adverts are either pay per click or pay per impression but you should endeavor to choose one that is inline with your purse. You can also link your Facebook page to your Twitter page so that whatever you share on one page will be easily shared on the other. This can lead to some of your Twitter followers becoming your Facebook friends.

Your online business requires social presence to succeed, consequently, having many Facebook friends can be a great boost. Apart from improving the ranking of your site, you can also use it to inform your friends about what is going on about your business. If you are able to convince many of them to visit your site, your business life will never remain the same again.

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