Classic Cars, Classic Dreams With Free Online Classified Ads – Buyers Starting Guide

Are you a car enthusiast? Perhaps you have a child of driving age, or near enough, who has a lifelong dream to drive one of the classic cars of your own day and era. What parent can resist a request like that? What car enthusiast parent wouldn’t love to have this kind of excuse for browsing for an old classic. There are several ways to find the car of you or your loved ones dreams via online classified ad sites.

What are you willing to pay for the car + what  classified free ads  you are willing to pay for the cost of shipping will determine your entire course of action. The budget you are allotting to this project will help to determine how far your reach can go. If you are run across a classic car of your choice that is in mint condition, you may also want to allow for a bit higher budget on the shipping so that you can go with a good shipping company with a high starred rating.

Keep in mind that the average cost to ship a vehicle through a five star moving company is $1,324 across country. Some figures can go as low as $900, and other can go up to $1700. Also remember that you get what you pay for. Don’t forget movers insurance cost as well. Expect to pay around $200 dollars to insure your car from damage. This will likely not include the cost of an appraiser on the sellers end who can investigate and mark down any damage before a move, and speak for any gained during transit.

Have you determined that you can pay for up to around one thousand miles of transit cost? There are many incredible mapping tools online that can help you to locate the major cities, as well as the minor ones, all within your decided distance requirements. Open up a browser and search through the online free classified advertisements in the preselected locations. Be patient, the certified best way to be disappointed in your purchase, is to make a hasty decision based on how quickly you would like the vehicle, as opposed to finding a sound machine that can be improved upon, or a pristine machine that classic car dreams are made of. If you plan the vehicle to be a gift, give yourself around a year ahead of time to find the right machine for you.

This can be a double-edge sword. Although your ad may be spotted by that one couple who just happens to have a mint condition car of your dreams with low mileage and even lower damage sitting in their garage, it can also bring out unwanted ads for cars, loans for cars, and other annoying spam if you do not utilize anonymous or spam filtering features in your email. Be choosy in who you decide to share your personal contact information with and be certain they have a legitimate vehicle with no issues or red tape involved before committing, even verbally, to a sale.

As always, most car enthusiast know that some of the best deals, especially when paying cash, can be found at auctions. Since most auctions are posted via online classified ad sites these days, do not forget to browse those sections as you go through your city browsing rituals regularly. When purchasing cars via auctions it can also be very helpful to have a person with a good amount of mechanical expertise to attend with you to check the integrity of any vehicle you may be considering.